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PE-backed Software Chief Executive Officer + Chief Operating Officer

"Mergers and acquisitions are hard work.  So often, leaders are busy merging products, systems and processes, but overlook the importance of effectively bringing the people together.  I have been fortunate to partner with Maurice on multiple M&A projects and HCM initiatives.  His best practices and playbooks helped me to orchestrate the critical, and sensitive aspects of bringing people together.  In every single instance, Maurice has impacted eNPS, employee engagement and reduced the inevitable employee churn that happens with change.  Since our time in private equity together, I have reached out to Maurice for advice and mentorship on multiple projects.  Maurice can see the big picture, and still catch the critical details.  He has guided my team through esoteric compliance and regulatory guidelines, while making it feel accessible.  Whether it be shepherding early-stage leaders, or advising seasoned executives, Maurice impacts every level of an organization.  His foundations are built on tried-and-true guiding principles, while his finger remains on the pulse of emerging thought leadership in Human Capital Management.  I’ve brought Maurice in to assist with multiple organizations over the past 5 years, and continue to leverage his expertise and recommend him at every turn. "

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Ducoing Human Capital has organized its services into simple, but powerful solutions designed to support the most focused outcomes or the broadest beginnings. Not sure where to start? Reach out. Even if it's not our speciality, we can help find partners who are.

Change Management & M&A
Proven Change (incl. M&A) tools and strategies that help everyone move in the same direction (especially "together")
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Manager & Executive Development
Leadership Theories grounded in neuroscience. Practical applications grounded in reality.
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Organizational Strategies
Executive Alignment. Company Mission, Vision and Values. Know how to get there?
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Diversity & Inclusion (DEIA) Advisory
Diversity Equity Inclusion & Accessibility. Let's take the journey together to meaningful, measurable results.
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General Talent Advisory
Guidance and support across the talent lifecycle when you need it most
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Speaking Engagements
Conference or event: We just might have something interesting to say!
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