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Ducoing Human Capital meets leaders where they are. Each organization is different, and while our foundational services are tried and true, not all organizations are there or yet willing to take those journeys. 

Across aspects of the Talent Management lifecycle, DHC can support organizations in ways that specifically fit their current view of their needs. Below are a few key programs and projects that that vary in urgency and importance to each organization, but are foundational in the long-term to hiring, management, and retention:

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Review your recruiting process with specific focus on skills alignment and interviewing effectiveness.

This means supporting your functions first as they decompose key skills that are "must be hired" or "can be trained for" as well as the language and format that will address DEI concerns as well as onboarding requirements.

Second, selecting and preparing the right interviewing team. While interviewing is seen often as an "emergency add-on" to their already heavy plate of work, our approach helps differentiate types of interviews needed for technical, organizational culture and team-focused behaviors that will better focus interviewer time and effort during selection.

Onboarding Strategy

Identifying your development strategy for onboarding employees to the company, their function, their team, and their role.

First, your "company onboarding" consists of those introductory elements that will most effectively welcome the employee to the organization, foster general belonging, identify important organizational and operational features of the company as well as clarify "what it means to work here" from a talent (People-related supports) and culture (values) perspective.

Second, the remainder of your onboarding should relate to the function (e.g., sales, engineering, marketing) and all tools, policies, etc. that entails; next, their team, and the same business related requirements for the team; and finally, their role: what does it mean to be successful in this role? And how do we place actionable metrics in the process to alert us to required interventions or mis-hires earlier.

Talent Engagement

Identifying the means to better motivate your employees based on data (engagement, stay & exit interview analysis).

Employee Engagement or Experience surveys are often a mine-field of developmental and analytical choices that would make any leader's head spin. With hundreds of such surveys implemented regularly across dozens of companies, we can help guide through these important choices. and No where is more important than how you review and describe the data outcomes.

Stay interviews are not always a part of common leadership practice, but maybe they should be. After all, waiting to get experience data that really hones in on the key reasons people choose to "stay" at the company or depart, is best made by understanding the calculations of those who have chosen to "stay".

Of course, understanding how a company navigates both voluntary (quit) and involuntary (terminated) separations from the company is one of its most sacred duties. How do you approach the relationship between performance and separation? How do you communicate separations? Are you managers trained to handle these challenging conversations? And once there is an imminent separation, how do you gather and report data? Navigating the real reasons people leave may be one of your most important insights.

Employee Relations Comms

Understanding the strategy and tactics that deliver important, and often difficult, information to your employees about policy, procedural or organizational change matters.

While we do not focus wholly on the full range of policies and procedures an HR Department will be tasked with, we can help navigate foundational policy and guide on this journey. Our primary support will be in communications that follow essential employee relations policies and initiatives as well as crafting the right philosophy to total rewards, mental health and wellbeing, and separations that preserve safety and trust

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