Human Capital

Manager & Executive Development

People Management is one of the most challenging roles in any organization. Period.

Many managers find themselves woefully unprepared, often despite best intentions.

What if you could find a partner that could zero in on the right management skills you need to succeed:

What if these skills could achieve proven results:

Psychological Safety

Emotional Intelligence


Interpersonal Change


Talent Management

Conflict Management

Meeting Management

Remote/ Hybrid Management

Mental Health/ Wellbeing



What if these could achieve proven results:

Teams that create Psychological safety increase

Engagement / Motivation by up to 76%

Performance / Productivity by up to 56%

Problem-Solving / Innovation by up to 49%

Retention by up to 50%

We Offer Flexible Solutions

We Offer 4 distinct solutions across multiple categories and more than 20+ pre-built and tailorable courses to fit your organizational needs.

Note: And if there are specific needs not yet in production, we can collaborate to build them with you.

We employ an Instructionally Sound Approach to all our learning experiences:

Live Core Sessions

Pre- and Post-session Exercises

Learner Guides

Targeted Follow Up Emails and Job Aids

Immediate Follow-Up Facilitated Sessions

90 Day Follow-Up Sessions with data

Executive Alignment & Development Workshops and Opportunities

Executive Alignment

Tailored/ Proprietary Team- Building Exercises

Wiley - 5 Cohesive Behaviors

Executive Assessments

Hogan Assessment

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

Leadership Development

Executive Presence

Diversity Equity Inclusion & Accessibility (eCornell)

Culture Leadership

Cross-Culture (Global)

Team Culture (Safety & Change)

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