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At Ducoing Human Capital, we are here to help you with your needs, not ours. And so showing up with flexible programming options is foundational to that commitment.

Below are some popular topics for speaking engagements relating to Psychological Safety:

  • Managing Teams with Psychological Safety:
    • "What Is It and What You Should Do First?!"
    • "The Benefits We See and How We Should Think about Them"
    • "The Trinity Framework - The 3 Essential Social Needs for Safety"
    • "Speak Up: How Can you Create a Culture of Participation?"
    • "My Mistake: How Can you Create a Culture of Learning?"
    • "Who Are You?: How Can you Create a Culture of Uniqueness?
    • "Baggage"- Workplace Trauma is more Common Than You Think and What You Should do!"
  • Managing Change with Psychological Safety
    • "The 3-Step Approach to Maximize Trust, Safety and Wellbeing During Times of Change"
    • "Understanding Resilience as an important Interpersonal Change Management Tool"
    • "Anti-fragility - Grow Back Stronger after the Change. Your Teams Will Thank you!"
  • Managing Work with Psychological Safety
    • "Embracing Reality: Leading Practices for Managing Work That Support Mental Health"
    • "Anywhere + Everywhere: Leading Practices for In-person, Hybrid and Remote Team Management"
    • "Harnessing the Power of the 1:1 - 4 Key Functions of This Invaluable Workplace Tool"

Additional Topic Suggestions for Speaking Engagements:

Executive Guides

  • Creating the Climate for Psychological Safety – An Executive Guide 
  • Thinking about Culture - An Executive Guide
  • "3 Essential Leadership Decisions an Exec Team Must Make - Mission, Vision, and Values"

Manager Guides

  • Emotional Intelligence – Self Awareness and the Johari Window
  • Emotional Intelligence – Identifying Understanding, and Managing (Team)  Emotions
  • Habit Formation 

Employee Guides

  • Managing Personal Change – An Employee Guide
  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace – an Employee Guide
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace - An Employee Guide

Diversity Equity Inclusion & Accessibility

  • DEIA – Identity
  • DEIA – Allyship
  • DEIA - Managing Microaffirmations & Microaggressions

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